Locator is first company in Armenia that carries out 3D modeling and visualization of buildings, products and furniture, ideas and even unfinished or even still planning buildings,  as well as uploading them into the Google Earth System.

 3D modeling is the best way of presenting more effectively your product, goods, building architecture or interior. 3D graphics enables you to provide descriptive and comprehensive information about your product, building.

Our aim is to show, portray the existing and even unfinished or still planning buildings, structures or projects, so as the buyer stops its choice particularly on your company.
 We assist companies and individuals in implementing their ideas and sketches through 3D images, visualization, animated advertisements and we believe it is an invaluable aid for our customers in their marketing and advertising activities. Our qualified specialists (architects, designers, 3D designers) will design or develop from scratch your project idea, be it an office or a residential building with its interior and environment, a cottage or a villa, a hotel, an investment program or a project, products or goods, cultural values etc.

Visualization, use of 3D images gives you a range of opportunities starting from installing a commercial in your website, preparing TV commercials or ads in print media, up to placing big advertisements on the street.