28 FEB, 2013


Rediscover Armenia via Google Earth through 3D Imaging

The “Locator” Company will present “Yerevan 3D” project on March 1-2 at 12th International Tourism Fair CTS 2013, that is aimed at the development of regional and inbound tourism in Armenia.

 “Armenia has rich historical and cultural heritage, which can create great prospects for tourism in our country by applying targeted PR and accurately representing the state to the whole world. Our “Yerevan 3D” project will enable to develop tourism industry in Armenia, thereby promoting descriptive presentation of buildings essential for the state- the churches, places of interest, monuments, architectural masterpieces, as well as motels, hotels, and clubs in Armenia. All this can be clearly seen through 3D pictures on a virtual 3D planet”, said the project manager Vladimir Sofyan.

“Yerevan 3D” project has been implemented since 2012 year. The main objective of this project is to model Armenia’s cities and its adjacent regions in three-dimensional space on Google Earth. This project aims to carry out a national PR campaign, and it could bring numerous companies to Armenia and develop the country’s tourism industry.

Note that the 12th International Tourism Fair CTS 2013 will be held in Armenia Marriott hotel at 11:00–19:00AM. The exhibition will host more than 70 companies from Armenia, Nagorno-Karabakh, Georgia, Turkey, Greece, Argentina, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates.